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Egypt: 3RP Monthly Update - December 2016: Health and Nutrition

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Over 98,000 acute/chronic Primary Health Care consultations for girls, women, boys and men since the beginning of 2016


In December 2016, the Arab Medical Union (AMU), UNHCR health partner, launched the event “Healthcare Quality Improvement –Improving Capacity of Healthcare Professionals in MoH Hospitals and Primary Healthcare Centers” in which UNHCR, the project sponsor, was invited to participate.

In this event, AMU presented an overview about the project which aimed to train 50 MoH healthcare professionals on healthcare quality improvement to build their capabilities to be able to provide practical improvement in their workplaces either in primary healthcare centers or in public hospitals. To ensure that UNHCR is providing comprehensive support to MoH facilities, the trained healthcare professional were selected from the facilities to which UNHCR also provides material support. The project yielded 10 quality improvement initiatives that has been successfully implemented in public facilities and that has positively impacted the quality of care provided.

Also during the event, UNHCR conducted a briefing about its resilience strategy and highlighted its commitment to strengthen of the capacity of national healthcare system as a main objective of its strategy.