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Egypt: 3RP Monthly Statistical Update as of October 2017 - Basic Needs & Livelihood


6th of October City is one of the main urban settlements hosting refugees in Egypt (around 40,000 registered refugees by end of October 2017), including numerous Syrian business people and workers, and has become a major economic hub and social meeting point. UNHCR and the 6th of October City Administration have jointly initiated the process of upgrading the physical infrastructure of a business area and of developing socio-economic support schemes with the people working there.

UNHCR started to facilitate better access of refugee women and men to liable employers in the domestic sector, in cooperation with an employment company. For many foreign women in Egypt, including refugees and asylum-seekers, the domestic work sector presents one of the main employment opportunities. UNHCR seeks to ensure safe conditions for refugees and asylum - seekers, that take into account their specific protection needs.