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Armed Groups in the Sinai Peninsula

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This document discusses the growing presence of terror organisations in the geo-politically important Sinai Pen- insula and their growing relationship with indigenous Bedouin tribes, and outlines the responses of the key actors in the region to the complex security environment. Related information is available at Hyper- links to source material are highlighted in blue and underlined in the text. All maps are hyperlinked to their source locations.


Two years after the fall of President Hosni Mubarak, the Sinai Peninsula remains a significant security challenge for the Egyptian government. In post-revolution Egypt, Sinai became less of a priority as the government dealt with increasing economic and political turmoil throughout the rest of the country. The resulting security vacuum attracted radical elements from all over the Middle East and has increasingly become a concern for both Egypt and Israel. The complicated security environment has allowed both local Bedouin tribes and radical Islamic organisa- tions to operate with near impunity in the region and has presented a significant challenge the Egyptian govern- ment struggles to contain, according to the Carnegie Endowment.