Egypt + 3 more

Aid to Haiti continues while ShelterBox responds to three more disasters

ShelterBox is continuing its vital work responding to disasters around the world while carrying on with its massive aid delivery to Haiti.

This week the international disaster relief charity is sending another 1,200 ShelterBoxes to Port au Prince, providing emergency shelter for up to 12,000 people. It will bring the total number of boxes deployed in Haiti to more than 8,000.

At the same time, 224 boxes of aid are being sent to Egypt where flash floods have destroyed hundreds of homes. Torrential rains in the Sinai Peninsula have washed away mud brick houses forcing scores of families out of their homes.

In Peru, ShelterBox is also deploying aid for up to 2,000 people after the region of Cusco in the Andes experienced the worst rain in two decades. Flooding has destroyed bridges and roads, an estimated 300 houses and hundreds of acres of crops.

Finally, ShelterBoxes have been recently despatched to Kenya where two ShelterBox Response Teams worked with the Kenyan Red Cross to deliver 224 boxes of aid to the flood-hit region of Turkana.

Tent recipient Awoi Lomungur, aged 80, from Juluk, said: 'It's good that someone has heard of my need and saved me from the rain, wind, heat and mosquitoes. I can now live independently without having to rely on others.'

Calistus Napulo, an assistant government chief in Juluk, added: 'In my area alone 446 victims were severely affected, many of whom are children. My people are so pleased with the tents.'

ShelterBox's Head of Operations John Leach said: 'Our work continues around the world even when disasters are not hitting the headlines. If there is a disaster and people have lost their homes through no fault of their own, we will respond as quickly as we can with emergency shelter and life-saving supplies.'