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3RP Regional Monthly Statistical Update as of October 2017 - Education


During this reporting period, 3RP partners continue to provide children with Education Grants to facilitate their enrolment in public, and special needs school. Approximately 160 children with special needs were assisted to enrol in schools that meets their educational and care needs in addition to that, 800 UASCs were assisted to enrol in schools in their local communities. Capacity building programme with MoE continues with the rehabilitation work completed in 10 schools in areas hosting refugee children as well as the improvement in the WASH facilities, an activity that is still on going to the end of 2017.

A Health and Safety, (Sehha& Salama), project reached 52 schools during this reporting period. This project aims to bring up a new generation of children with the concepts and culture of prevention, preparedness and risk reduction, healthy eating habits and awareness raising concerning the challenges facing the environment and how to contribute to protecting it. The project is also promoting resilience in schools and through schools for the whole community to spread the culture of peace and non-violent conflict resolution.

This programme benefited 3,000 refugee children with the number of indirect beneficiaries estimated to be approximately 15,000 beneficiaries representing the families of the trained children. In addition to that, other beneficiaries are estimated to be approximately 75,000 representing children reached through the teachers who were trained and who will work with other children on transferring the skills of risk reduction to classes they teach.