Ecuador + 2 more

WFP Ecuador Country Brief, September 2020


In Numbers

US$ 1,810,780 cash-based transfers made

74,640 people assisted

Operational Updates

• On 24 September, the Ecuadorian government approved a new decree on nutritional support voucher, through WFP’s close coordination. Around 7,992 the most vulnerable households in the country will be supported with an amount of USD240 in October 2020. President Moreno expressed his gratitude to WFP for its essential support to the Ecuadorian population.

• Through cooperation with the Municipality, UNHCR and ADRA, WFP opened the first municipal canteen in the city of Ibarra.

• Within the framework of south-south cooperation with China, WFP participated to the International Forum on Territorial Development Cooperation and presented the experience of rice-duck farming in Ecuador.
Additionally, WFP carried out three demonstrations of the rice-duck farming addressing smallholder farmers and technicians of local governments.

• WFP hosted Community Based Participative Programming (CBPP) workshops to continue identifying climate threats and raise awareness of the adaptation measures for Awá indigenous and Afro communities.

• WFP supported other UN Agencies by delivering nearly 42MT of hygiene products to local shelters and hospitals. 500 food kits and 84 chlorine kits were also delivered by WFP to indigenous communities in the Amazon region.

• WFP developed a chatbot, Nutrichatea, to provide information on WFP’s assistances and actively receive queries from beneficiaries to strengthen the operation.

• 73,704 migrants benefited from WFP’s food vouchers in September. The majority were Venezuelans (92.8 percent), followed by Colombians (6.8 percent). Since April, this assistance has been complemented by an additional monthly value of USD 5 per person, for the purchase of necessary hygiene products, thanks to a UNICEF’s contribution.
Due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, this agreement got extended to March 2021.