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Two million people to benefit from ADRA project: Ecuador, Peru

Silver Spring, Maryland - The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) signed an agreement with the Association of Municipalities of Southern Ecuador and Northern Peru on January 29, 2002, to establish a multiple phase project to focus on health and economic development. It is estimated that two million people will benefit during the coming year.
One phase of the project will address the need for clean water in the region. Another part of the project will focus on ways to build up the local economy through measures such as improving roads in the geographically isolated area. Other needs to be addressed include better nutrition for infants and children.

The agreement was signed by Franklin Sanchez, president of the Association of Municipalities of Southern Ecuador and Northern Peru, and Flavio Quispe, Chiclayo regional director for ADRA Peru.

ADRA Peru also has an active disaster response team. In addition to implementing a number of reconstruction and other recovery efforts following the strong earthquakes that struck Arequipa in June 2001, its personnel assisted in the response to the deadly market fire that occurred December 29, 2001, in Lima. Its other long-term development projects have focused on health, nutrition, children and teens living in high-risk conditions agriculture, infrastructure, forestation and reforestation, and food-for-work programs.

Bordered by Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and the Pacific Ocean, Peru is the third largest country in South America, with 27 million residents. It includes the high Andes Mountains and the tropical lowlands of the Amazon Basin.

Slightly smaller than Cuba, Ecuador is located on Peru=B9s northern border. With 31 active volcanoes, the country is subject to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Ecuador=B9s population numbers nearly 12.92 million.

Present in more than 120 nations, ADRA provides development and disaster relief for individuals and communities without regard to age, ethnicity, or political or religious association.

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