Quakes at Ecuador's Guagua Pichincha Volcano Increase

QUITO (June 28) XINHUA - Long-term quakes at Guagua Pichincha volcano, situated 10 kilometers west of Quito, Ecuador, have intensified in recent hours, said Wednesday Geophysical Institute of National Polytechnic School (IGEPN).

An IGEPN report said that since Tuesday, at the volcano, have been registered over 170 long term quakes, plus two hybrids ( ascent of volcano gases).

There were 145 indications of rock falls caused by the slow but gradual growth of the eighth dome that up to now is found 65 meters high.

With these registered symptoms, the report doesn't rule out the possibility there's an eruption and Quito city faces once again a volcanic ash descent.

IGEPN asked Quito's citizens to be on guard of the natural phenomenon and announced conditioned yellow alert will continue.

Since November 1999, volcano Guagua Pichincha is rather quiet without further eruptions, but small explosions have been frequent.


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