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Natural Disasters Monitoring - April 24, 2018


Official Sources:

Severe Weather
On 24 April 2018, the Ecuador Secretary Risk Management reported heavy rain affected 114 families in Pastaza Canton, Pastaza Province, Ecuador due to the overflow of the Conambo and Corrientes rivers. In addition, 13 communities received humanitarian assistance: Iniak, Makusar, Yuntuntza, Juyuintza, Nueva Amazonas, Kanai, Shiona, Yandana, Santa Rosa, Tanguntza, Imatiña, Yandanentza, and Suraka. The complete report is available in Spanish at:

Unofficial Sources:

Severe Weather Cuba On 24 April 2018, media reported severe storm and high winds in several communities of the Jesus Mendez Municipality, Las Tunas Province, Cuba where 225 homes lost power, 152 partially lost the roofs of their homes, and 700 hectares of sugar cane plantations were destroyed. The complete report is available in Spanish at: