GlobalMedic scales up UAV & WASH response in earthquake affected Ecuador

News and Press Release
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Performing daily flights around Manta, Portoviejo, Pedernales and San Vincente, GlobalMedic’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Team continues to support the relief efforts in Ecuador. Working with the National Secretariat for Risk Management (SGR), GlobalMedic’s UAVs are capturing vital aerial imagery and compiling the photographs into high quality 2D maps. These maps are being shared with the Ecuador government to help assess the damage in the worst affected regions, and inform the national rebuilding plan. Over the past few days, GlobalMedic pilots have completed mapping of Zona de Tarqui, along the coast of Manta.

GlobalMedic is now working closely with the SGR to map eleven landslides caused by the earthquake on April 16. Yesterday, teams mapped over 5 square kilometres near San Vincente and Canoa, including several areas where landslides had blocked road access. In the coming days, aerial imagery will be taken of all landslide locations.

An additional UAV team carrying an Aeryon SkyRanger arrived this week to increase the capacity of GlobalMedic to map the affected areas. An additional team from AeroVision is being deployed to work alongside GlobalMedic, responding to the increased number of mapping requests from the Ecuador government.

GlobalMedic’s Rapid Response Team is also in country, providing WASH support to families affected by the earthquake. In coordination with SenAgua, the National Secretariat for Water, teams have installed a high capacity water filtration unit, currently purifying water and filling tanker trucks. These trucks are delivering water to up to 15,000 people per day. In addition, five mobile water filtration units have been deployed in inaccessible communities and IDP camps in Portoviejo, serving 5,500 more people each day. Teams are distributing 80,000 Aquatabs, which will purify 800,000 liters of water.

990 Family Emergency Kits are en route to Ecuador to be distributed to families in the worst affected areas. These kits contain a Rainfresh Household Water Purification Unit, as well as essential hygiene items including bar soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste. The Rainfresh unit will provide families with clean drinking water for up to one year. The kits will be distributed immediately upon arrival and will benefit around 4,000 people.

To connect with GlobalMedic in Ecuador, please contact Emergency Programs Officer Farook Yusoof at +593-(0)95-993-1163 or