GlobalMedic and R4 Incorporated Supporting Ecuador Earthquake SAR Response with Remote Heartbeat Detection Radar Systems

from GlobalMedic
Published on 20 Apr 2016

GlobalMedic has deployed its Rapid Response Team to Ecuador equipped with R4 Incorporated’s Remote Heartbeat Detection Radars. These radar systems can detect heartbeats or breathing in the rubble of collapsed buildings, through 20 meters of dense matter – whether it be concrete, rubble, or earth.

Low-powered microwaves are directed towards a target area, reflecting off of objects and yielding data based on vibrations. Signs of human life specifically can be accurately identified as the device analyzes the unique rhythmic heartbeat and breathing patterns of humans. These radar systems are also equipped with an Infrared thermal imaging camera, and wide-angle VGA camera.

GlobalMedic partnered with R4 Incorporated to utilize this technology in support of Search and Rescue teams. Specific sites containing trapped victims are identified, allowing dig teams to operate at a fraction of their normal response time.

Our team is currently stationed in Manta and operational in surrounding regions.

To request radar systemGPR assistance to scan a collapsed site, please contact the following and outline the specific site location:

Rahul Singh +593-99-151-4435

R4 Incorporated Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) +1-410-670-9339

About GlobalMedic

GlobalMedic is an operational arm of the David McAntony Gibson Foundation (DMGF). DMGF is a registered Canadian charity that runs capacity building programs in post-conflict nations and provides relief services to large-scale disasters and complex emergencies around the world.

GlobalMedic has implemented over 150 successful disaster responses in 60 countries around the world. These have included responses to tsunamis in Sri Lanka, the Solomon Islands and Japan; earthquakes in Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Peru, China and Pakistan; hurricanes in Guatemala; typhoons in the Philippines; floods in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Mexico, and Indonesia; tropical storms in the Dominican Republic and Dominica; cyclones in Myanmar and Vanuatu; drought and famine in the Horn of Africa; and complex emergencies in Lebanon, Pakistan, Gaza, Iraq and Ukraine.

About R4 Incorporated

R4 Incorporated is a high-tech sensor company that helps save lives. Founded in 2006 by a group of veterans responding to the needs of Warfighters, the company has since evolved to include a much wider customer base. The common goal has always been to save lives, and R4 will continue to make that effort with teams involved in search and rescue, first response, and public safety. To that end, we apply a unique perspective in developing innovative products that ultimately ensure success through forward thinking and rapid response.

About R4’s Emergency Operations Center

The R4 Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a unique product support concept that provides a centralized focus of information and support to users of R4 remote-sensors. Users of R4 products can reach-back 24/7 from any location in the world and receive Emergency/Disaster Intelligence, Product Service Support or Operational Support. Furthermore, the R4 EOC is the command center for the deployment of R4’s volunteer global Search & Research teams located around the world.