Ecuador Tungurahua Volcano situation report 21 Aug 2006

Since the eruption of the Tungurahua volcano on the 16th August, four deaths have been reported and at least 8 people have varying degrees of burns resulting from the eruption. An estimated 4,000 people have been relocated to shelters. To date, there are 8 shelters functioning in Tungurahua and 7 in Chimborazo which are occupied at night, but during the day people return to their homes.

Since the eruption of 14 July, there have been increased numbers of patients with respiratory problems, conjunctivitis, dermatitis and acute diarrheal diseases; however, local health services have managed to cope with these increased demands.

The Ministry of Health continues to provide medications and resources for the health units. With this last eruption, current demands for masks, protective glasses and other health care necessities have been met in various health facilities.

The water and sewage system are currently being evaluated by the appropriate authorities. For the most part, people in shelters have been receiving safe drinking water from bottled water and some rural water supply systems.

Some roads, crops and livestock have been affected; however, access to the affected areas is still possible.

Table summarizing the primary effects and needs (CHIMBORAZO)

General Situation

Principal effects
Priority needs
City of Guano Significant Ashfall (approx. 1 cm. deep) - Good community response for local clean up efforts
- Basic services not affected
- COE organized Presence of MIDUVI, DC
Penipe Significant Ash Fall (approx. 1 cm deep) - Basic services have not been affected.
- Community clean-up efforts.
- COE Installed.
Palictagua Lahar in the low-lying areas of the community which destroyed 12 dwellings, including a health center.
2 dead and 2 missing.
- Population self evacuated to a relatively safe area.
- Bridge over the Púela river was destroyed.
Community self-evacuated to safer areas.
Lack of basic services in the low-lying areas of the community.


No. Housed
Guano - Guano Theatre
- Guano Theatre Grounds
350 people
150 people
- Community leaders are in control
-Basic services available.
- Shelters occupied mainly at night
- Generally adequate conditions.
Penipe Fire Department
Penipe School
350 people - Community leaders in control.
-Generally adequate conditions with basic services available.
- Shelters occupied mainly at night.
Riobamba Galapagos Military Base 75 people - Under military assistance
Riobamba Self-evacuated 2000 persons - Displaced population housed with houses but will require support.


Guano The health center reports an increase in respiratory infections, conjunctivitis and diarrhea, however, there have been no instances where the increase has exceed local capacity. At the moment, it is assistance is needed for medications and medical supplies. At the moment, the health center continues to meet demands with 24 hour coverage, using 8 hours shift system.
Penipe There have been reports of increased respiratory and digestive problems as well as conjunctivitis. Limited number of medications and supplies available.

Table summarizing the primary impact and needs (TUNGURAHUA)

General Situation

Community Principal Effects Observations Priority Needs
Pelileo Limited ash fall Practically undisrtupted normal activity in the city
El Ping=FCe Moder1te ash fall, Limited community activities in risk areas due to Police restricted auto traffic, including routes to the city of Banos, where debris has blocked the raods.
Patate Moderate ash and gravel fall Practically undisrtupted normal activity in the city


Community Shelters No. Housed Observations
El pingue El Pingue 426 people - Under control of community leaders.

- Generally good conditions

Baños 3 Shelters:
- Police Academy
- Misael Acosta Institue
- Union hall
Cotaló 2 Shelters:
- Parish House
- Elementary school
200 people
100 personas
Run by local authorities.
Patate Patate School 400 personas - Under control of the Ecuatorian Red Cross
- Generally adequate conditions with basic services available.
- Shelters occupied at night.


Albergue El Pingue - Medical teams have visisted and have set up a basic health clinc.
- Limited water, bathroom facilities and showers
Penipe A system of medical health team visits provided by the health center staff. Generally good conditions.