Ecuador: Revised Country Plan 2011 (MAAEC001)

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Executive summary

Ecuador faces major social challenges such as poverty, inequality and social exclusion which exacerbate the vulnerabilities of poor and marginalized communities, particularly when faced by further hazards such as disasters. This poses a significant humanitarian challenge to the National Society to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable. The strategic focus of Ecuadorian Red Cross is working with communities and responding to the needs of the most vulnerable. The National Society has demonstrated significant progress in areas of disaster management and health programmes, adopting a more integrated approach and in the area of governance and management. However, the Ecuadorian Red Cross faces challenges such as the need for adopting a more integrated approach in disaster response management, developing more solid financial bases and strengthening branches for a more balanced territorial network.

The Regional Representation for the Andean countries has identified with the Ecuadorian Red Cross priority areas in need of support (as described below in this plan), which will be addressed by core areas of disaster management, health and care and organizational development. The priorities linked directly to the National Society's strategic plan which is aligned with the Inter-American Plan and follows the recommendations of the Study of the Americas carried out by the Complutense Institute for International Studies. These priorities have been clearly developed into a country support plan, as shown within this document. The country support plan aims to respond to the needs of the Ecuadorian Red Cross which seeks to maximize existing Movement resources, while focusing on the provision of specific and relevant services to the member National Societies.

The total 2011 budget is 412,955 Swiss francs (Click here to go directly to the attached summary budget of the plan).