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Ecuador National Platform: RMRP 2021 End-Year Report



By the end 2021, over 500,000 refugees and migrants from Venezuela were living in Ecuador. In this context, the Government of Ecuador announced a new regularization exercise, with expected implementation in 2022. The initiative has the potential to address the needs of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans and advance their integration into society, as over 60 per cent reported being in an irregular situation during the Joint Needs Assessment (JNA) conducted by 21 GTRM partners in May 2021. Moreover, 75% reported having to recur to coping mechanisms due to their vulnerable situation, such as skipping meals, which indicates the devastating impact of the pandemic on the ability of Venezuelans to meet their basic needs.

Despite movement restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ecuador continued to witness the arrival and transit of refugees and migrants from Venezuela through irregular movements, leading to heightened protection risks. In response, R4V partners expanded the use of the inter-agency Border Monitoring and Population Profiling System in order to monitor population flows, provide assistance, estimate irregular movements, and plan its response and advocacy efforts accordingly.