Ecuador: Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 2


This situation report is based on information received from the Office of the Resident Coordinator, UN Agencies, the Ecuadorian Government, the UN Emergency Technical Team (UNETT) in Quito and OCHA Regional Office in Panama.


- The floods claimed the lives of 19 persons and affected 250,000 to 300,000 people. Some 8,666 persons are in shelters.

- Needs in shelters include mattresses, water and sanitation, blankets, kitchen sets and psycho-social support. Communications equipment to support the work of the regional and provincial coordination centres is also needed.

- Affected populations outside of shelters and in remote flooded areas are of concern.

- The UNDAC Team has established an OSOCC in Guayaquil.


1. During the last two weeks, floods in the country have increased, now affecting 13 provinces of Ecuador. According to the INAMHI (National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology), rains will continue, with major intensity in some provinces; therefore, floods are expected until April. There are possibilities of overflow of reservoirs in the already affected areas.

2. The military Commando Conjunto has indicated that there are as many as 250,000 to 300,000 people affected by the flooding of which some 100,000 are in need of immediate assistance including food, shelter, and water, according to humanitarian actors. More than 8,666 persons are in shelters. Some 19 people lost their lives as a result of the floods.

3. Requirements in shelters are as follows:

- Mattresses, sheets and mosquito nets

- Arrangements infrastructure (potable water, sewerage, covers, electric power).

- Industrials kitchens

- Psychosocial support

- Kitchen furniture

There is also an immediate need for communications and office equipment to support the work of the regional and provincial coordination centres. One of the needs of the meteorology sector is to have meteorological radars and systems of early alert that would allow timely actions before predictable events.

4. Los Rios is one of the most affected provinces. Figures as of February 26 from the Ministry of the Litoral (coastal Ministry) indicated that there are some 3,940 persons in official shelters and a total of 5,285 people affected by the floods and in need of humanitarian assistance.

5. In the province of Guayas, also severely affected, the ministry reports some 1,917 persons in shelters and an estimated 33, 045 persons affected.

6. One major issue is the collapse of roads that has hampered the trading of products. In the agricultural sector, in Simbocal de Bahía, the Shrimp factory was destroyed; in Taura and Naranjal, farms and roads are flooded.

7. In Santa Rosa, damages have been reported in crops and access to the shrimp factories has been interrupted. In Cien Familias, the level of water has not decreased, preventing the harvest of crops. In El Oro, a containment wall has fallen and water overflowed shrimp factories and affected the areas of Barbones and Guabo.


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