Ecuador: Floods DREF operation n° MDREC005 final report


Summary: 286,608 Swiss francs were allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support the Ecuadorian Red Cross (ERC) in delivering humanitarian assistance to 6,020 beneficiaries in the provinces of Manabí, Guayas and Los Rios, as well as to carry out dengue-prevention activities that benefited a total of 12,664 families in Manabí and Guayas.

After a severe rainy season in Ecuador due to the effects of La Niña weather phenomenon, the Ecuadorian Red Cross responded by providing immediate relief to the affected families, through the distribution of food parcels and hygiene kits, as well as by reducing dengue risks. Additionally, the National Society organized health workshops for volunteers and community members, together with fumigation and cleaning campaigns for the mosquito breeding grounds. The dengue-prevention campaign was supported by the communications department of the National Society, which created radio and television spots, as well as different printed materials, both for distribution and for publication in national newspapers. The operation was implemented in four months, and was completed by 20 July 2012.

The Belgian Red Cross and government, and ECHO have replenished the DREF for the allocation made to this operation. The major donors and partners of the DREF include the Australian, American and Belgian governments, the Austrian Red Cross, the Canadian Red Cross and government, the Danish Red Cross and government, the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO), the Irish and the Italian governments, the Japanese Red Cross Society, the Luxembourg government, the Monaco Red Cross and government, the Netherlands Red Cross and government, the Norwegian Red Cross and government, the Spanish government, the Swedish Red Cross and government, the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID), the Medtronic and Z Zurich foundations, and other corporate and private donors. The IFRC, on behalf of the National Society, would like to extend thanks to all the donors for their generous contributions. Details of all donors can be found at: disaster-relief-emergency-fund-dref/