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Tropical Storm Noel affects the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba

Tropical Storm Noel caused more damage than expected in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba are now coping with flooding left by the heavy rains produced by Noel. At least 48 people have died in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.In the Dominican Republic, a red alert has been issued in 27 of the 31 provinces. Landslides and floods have caused the most damage, especially to housing and road infrastructure. More than 50,000 have been displaced. In Haiti, all the departments have been affected by the rains and flooding, and the capital, Port-au-Prince is blocked by floods. Evacuations have been necessary throught the country due to the height of the flood waters. PAHO prepositioned medicines in several locations in case they are needed. In Cuba, thousands of people were evacuated ahead of the storm. It has now moved off the island, but it is expected to drop 15 inches or rain over the eastern part of the country.