Dominican Rep.

Dominican Republic: Tropical Storm Laura Flash Update #01 (August 26th, 2020)


This update was produced by the Resident Coordinator’s Office, with official information received from the National Disaster Emergency Management Agency (COE) of the Dominican Republic.


▪ Tropical Storm Laura passed through the Dominican Republic the night of the 22nd and 23rd of august, causing heavy rains and wind across several provinces but hitting hardly the southern coast of the country. All 32 provinces where declared in alert, 20 of them being declared in red alert the morning of the 23rd.

▪ 4 people have been reported dead and more than 9,600 people were preventively evacuated from their homes. Almost 2,000 houses have been reported affected and 19 shelters were opened to host some 282 people. 101 water systems were reported damaged, leaving more than 1,5 million people without access to safe water. 152 electric systems were damaged, leaving more than 700,000 people without acces s to electricity.

▪ Nacional and local authorities have led preparation and prevention activities, have coordinated all needed rescue operation, have conducted rapid assessments and are leading the response. The National Disaster Emergency Management Agency (COE) has not requested international support to respond to this emergency.

Situation Overview

As Tropical Storm Laura hit the Dominican Republic its accompanying effects such as wind, storm surge and torrential rains were felt all over the country but, as per data released by the national meteorological agency, the accumulated rainfall map shows that the southern coast of the country has been the most affected