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Caribbean Mid-Year Report RMRP 2021 - June 2021



2021 has been marked by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination campaigns to mitigate them. For R4V partners, most of the work in the first half of 2021 revolved around supporting refugees and migrants (R&Ms) to cope with increased vulnerability due to the pandemic, ensuring their access to COVID-19 vaccination campaigns and related health treatments, adapting activities to remote modalities when possible and continuing actions and projects planned in the RMRP 2021.

Partners estimate the population in need within the Caribbean sub-region has increased by almost 13% as of June 2021, when compared with the previous year. Although needs are rising, funding has not increased. As of June 2021, the Caribbean RMRP had met less than 20% of its funding requirements. However, partners continue to respond to the needs of R&Ms. As demonstrated in the graph below, almost 50,000 persons were provided with various forms of assistance in the Caribbean between January and June 2021.