Hurricane Maria: Ground Truth Solutions Survey of People Affected by Hurricane Maria - Dominica



This report analyses data collected from interviews conducted with 399 Dominicans impacted by Hurricane Maria. As part of the H2H Network’s DFID-funded mission in the Caribbean, Ground Truth Solutions is providing a regular flow of feedback on how those affected by the storm view the effectiveness of the humanitarian response and their evolving needs. The surveys offer decision-makers insight into community concerns as the basis for making course corrections in the recovery programme and managing expectations.


· Over two-thirds of respondents do not know how to access available support (Q1);

· Forty-three percent say that their most important needs are being met (Q4); food, material and funding for rebuilding homes, and water remain the most important unmet needs;

· Over half of interviewed Dominicans do not think that support goes to those who need it most (Q7); the poorest of society and the elderly are mentioned as groups most excluded from support;

· Most respondents are not satisfied with how they have been consulted on the support they receive (Q8);

· Most survey participants feel safe in their current accommodation (Q3); those residing in collective shelters feel safest while those staying in temporary shelters near their homes feel the least safe;

· Most respondents do not think that the lives of Dominicans are improving (Q13);

· Across most questions, those currently residing in collective shelters are more positive than those staying in other types of accommodation;

· Respondents who are satisfied with how they have been consulted on the support they receive (Q13) are more likely to think that support is going to those who need it most (Q12).


Ground Truth Solutions
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