Dominica: Humanitarian Funding Overview (as of 18 December 2017)


On 18 September 2017 Hurricane Maria struck Dominica with sustained winds of 260 km/h. The Category 5 hurricane caused widespread damage and destruction in Dominica, one of the poorest countries in the Eastern Caribbean. The entire population suffered direct damage to housing and livelihoods.

On 29 September 2017 a Flash Appeal was launched, seeking US$31.1 million to support the relief operations for three months. As of 18 December, $17.2 million has been contributed, including $3.0 million from the Central Emergency Response Fund. Three months after the hurricane, the situation is normalizing throughout the country. However , 90 per cent of the population still do not have electricity, 80 per cent of houses still have inadequate roofing, and a maj ori ty of the population have lost their main livelihood


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