Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) – Dominica Hurricane Maria Response Household Intention Survey (6 November 2017)



  • 69 centers were assessed by DTM enumerators.

  • 45 still open while 24 have closed.

  • 147 households (corresponding to 369 individuals) voluntarily registered with IOM enumerators.

  • 54% of registered households have indicated being owners of the house they resided in before the hurricane.

  • 67% households have indicated that their former residence was completely destroyed by Hurricane Maria

  • 136 households have indicated having chosen the center they reside in because it is located near their area of origin.

  • In terms of problems encountered while living in the center, 21% have indicated that dire living conditions in centers is the most important issue encountered.

  • 87% of registered households have indicated their desire to return to their area of origin. 8% have indicated that they want to remain in the centre they reside in for the time being.

  • 88% of interviewees intend to repair their homes. These households are also relying on the government and the general humanitarian community to help them rebuild or repair their homes.

  • The majority of interviewed households would consider leaving the site they reside in if they receive support from the government (24%), if they have materials – such as wood, metal sheeting – to repair/rebuild their home (22%) and 18% would require construction tools (18%).

  • If all or most conditions for their return are met, 40% of interviewed households would be willing to leave the sites quite quickly (1 to 2 days)

  • 98% of households have indicated housing as their most urgent need in their area of origin.

  • 23% of households have indicated wood/timber as the most required shelter material in the area of origin.