The Caribbean: Hurricanes Irma and Jose Response Situation Report #3, 26 September 2017

from International Organization for Migration
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  • Initial reports from the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) indicate that 15 people are confirmed to have died in Dominica during Hurricane Maria, and at least 16 people are missing.
    This figure may rise as contact is made with cut-off communities.
    There is no electricity, very limited communications and a widespread shortage of food and water. An estimated 98 per cent of roofs were partially or totally destroyed, and 50 per cent of housing frames damaged.

  • IOM has released USD 100,000 of its own funds to scale up the shelter response in Dominica.
    IOM’s emergency coordinator has deployed to Dominica from Antigua multiple times since the impact of the hurricane (on 21 and 23 September), to map the displacement situation and assist with assessing priority needs.
    IOM’s shelter specialist was deployed to Dominica on 23 September and was joined by the Head of Community Stabilization and a logistician on 24 September.

  • Initial activities on Dominica in the coming days will include: (i) systematic collection of information on collective centres using IOM's Displacement Tracking Matrix; (ii) mapping of priority areas for distributions by helicopter and by road; and (iii) development of shelter response options.

  • In the wake of Hurricane Maria and its impact particularly on Dominica, the UN-coordinated Regional Response Plan will be revised to incorporate these additional needs.

Situation Overview

As of 24 September, IOM surge team members are present in the regional coordination hub in Panama, the coordination hub in Barbados, and the affected islands of Antigua, Sint Maarten and Dominica. IOM continues to collate and maintain updated information on displacement and human mobility figures in close coordination with CDEMA. The latest available data on displacement are available at IOM’s geoportal: caribbean-emergency-2017.

The locations of emergency shelters designated before the arrival of Maria on Dominica have been mapped and made available as a starting point for emergency assistance once access is possible, and can be found at: https://

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