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Regional mixed migration summary for January 2013

Situation Report
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New Arrivals: In January, an estimated 5,352 migrants arrived on Yemen’s shores via Djibouti, representing a small decrease from December 2012 (5718), but representing a 34 % decrease compared to January 2012. All vessels arriving at Yemen’s Red Sea coast departed from Obock, Djibouti except one vessel that departed from the Loya Ade coast carrying 10 Somali migrants.

Boats: During the month, a total of 88 vessels left via the Red Sea for Yemen carrying an average of 61 passengers per trip.

Migrant vulnerability: Three unrelated motor vehicle accidents were reported along the Tadjoura/Obock route, resulting in one Ethiopian male fatality. Boat overcrowding claimed the life of a second Ethiopian migrant. Intimidation and demands for ransom persist. Passengers during the boat journey are requested to provide an assurance that they have funds to cater for smuggling fees to Saudi Arabia, or the contact number of someone who can provide such funds. Migrants who cannot provide either assurance face physical assault during the sea journey. There were 36 reported cases of sexual and gender based violence at sea perpetrated by the smuggling crew.

Arrest and deportation of refugees to Ethiopia: The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) reported that the Government of Djibouti had arbitrarily arrested 43 refugees from Ethiopia (Oromo and Ogdenian nationals) and deported them to Ethiopia. The refugees were rounded up by the Djibouti security. HRLHA forwarded the information to UNHCR for intervention.