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IOM Djibouti COVID-19 Situation Report #8, 29 June 2020

Situation Report
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IOM continues to provide support for migrants in the quarantine site in Ali Sabieh run by ONARS (National Office for Assistance to Refugees and Disaster Victims), in close collaboration with UNICEF and WFP.

50 vulnerable migrants are assisted with food, non-food items (NFI), medical and psychosocial assistance in the Migration Response Centre (MRC) in Obock and 243 stranded migrants coming from Yemen in Obock region received food, water and hygiene and NFI kits.

IOM continues to raise awareness of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Ali Sabieh region as well as through its six flow monitoring points (FMPs) across the regions.


The Ministry of Health confirmed 4,656 COVID-19 cases, 4,433 recovered and 53 deaths as of 29 June 2020.
The month of June witnessed a sharp decrease of positive cases yielded by the screening and registered the lower percentage of positive cases among screened cases, indicating a slowing down of the spread in the community. Even with higher number of severe and critical cases, case fatality rate is significantly lower than the fatality rate in most neighboring countries