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Eritrea and Djibouti: Plan 2009-2010 (MAA64005)


Executive Summary

The Red Cross Society of Eritrea (RCSE) programmes have been designed in line with the Global Agenda goals offering a solid legal base that allows strong leadership and a well functioning organizational structure. Through volunteer-based activities, the programmes will contribute to the reduction of the potential losses from natural and man-made disasters and improve the capacity of the NS, volunteers and community at large.

The disaster management programme will contribute to the scaling up of response to increased vulnerability to risks/disasters and food insecurity; and to the response to common disasters of drought, flooding, road accidents and fire accidents by strengthening the National Society's disaster preparedness, response and recovery capacities. The programme will aim at achieving the following outcomes: improved ability of community members in Eritrea to predict and plan for disasters to mitigate their impact on vulnerable communities, and respond to and effectively cope with their consequences; community members having improved ability to reduce loss of life and disabilities caused by disasters and; improved capacity of RCSE core staff and volunteers to respond effectively during disaster; strengthened RCSE logistical capacity of RCSE; improved food production, accessibility and food utilization at household and; increased awareness on climate change and increased community resilience to the impacts of climate change.

Organizational development programme will focus on ensuring that RCSE has a well functioning organization with sustainable systems, procedures and staff with desired level of managerial and technical competencies; strengthening new partnerships and forming new ones.

To ensure a coordinated and realistic implementation, the programmes also addresses the concepts of sustainability, programme resources and expenses, monitoring and evaluation, implementation and management arrangements as well as risk identification. Furthermore, programmes will promote gender equity and diversity, Red Cross/Red Crescent collaboration, partnership and civil society management, accountability and quality assurance, in addition to capacity building and knowledge sharing, ultimately enabling the National Society to work within the new Federation Operating Model. Current Movement partners include the Federation, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Danish, Finish, Netherlands, Swedish and Spanish Red Cross Societies.

The total 2009-2010 budget is CHF 2,310,739 (USD 2,112,193 or EUR 1,471,808)