Djibouti - National Rapid Assessment on Drought Impact and Increasing Food Prices (Conducted from 29 June to 07 July 2022)


Summary findings

  • Up to 50% loss of livestock and other sources of income (sale of milk, agriculture etc.)

  • Up to 75% reduction in household access to sufficient and diversified food: reduction in number and diversity of meals. Further restricted to staple food with increasing prices.

  • Exhausted coping strategies for most affected populations and more reliance to family aid and food assistance

  • Up to 25% of interregional and cross-boarder movements of persons enter in Djibouti in the South and leaving Djibouti in the North.

  • Observed malnutrition among adults of most affected groups and increasing malnutrition among children with high risk of rapid deterioration.

  • Validation of IPC April projection assumptions for July to December 2022 on persistence of drought and increasing prices PLUSnew emergency displacements of near 2,000 people in Southeast border areas.

  • Therefore, estimated 194,000 people in phase 3 and 4 in Djibouti (16%) including nearly 14,000 in emergency. All regions are affected.