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Djibouti: Inter-agency update for the response to the Yemeni situation #45 (16 – 31 July 2016)

Situation Report
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Refugees currently hosted in Djibouti pending further physical verification exercises

Registered females.

Registered children and adolescents.


  • Ensure protection of refugees and asylum seekers and provide assistance.

  • Provide documents to refugees.

  • Work with the government to ensure access to territory and freedom of movement.

  • Continue to develop the infrastructure at Markazi camp.

  • Continue border monitoring activities.


  • According to the latest available statistics from IOM and the Government of Djibouti, a total of 36,162 persons of mixed nationalities have arrived in Djibouti as of end of July 2016 (since 26 March 2015). Of those, 19,636 persons (54 per cent) are Yemeni nationals, 14,562 (40 per cent) are transiting migrants and 1,964 persons (6 per cent) are Djiboutian returnees.

  • As at 31 July 2016, there are 3,585 refugees currently in Djibouti (pending forthcoming verification exercises in Obock town and Djibouti city). Markazi camp hosts over 1,400 refugees.

Operational Context and Migration

UNHCR carries out regular border monitoring in Djibouti by observing activities at Obock port as well as entry points along the villages north of Obock. UNHCR has observed a decrease in new arrivals compared to previous months; this may be due to the harsh weather conditions in Obock. Meanwhile, UNHCR continues to advise refugees in Markazi camp on the dangers of return to Yemen.

In terms of migration, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) continues its voluntary return activities at the Migrant Response Centre (MRC) in Obock. From 17-31 July 2016, the MRC registered 94 stranded Ethiopian migrants requesting return to their places of origin including 13 unaccompanied minors.

Furthermore, on 22 July, in coordination with Yemen and Ethiopia, an evacuation mission consisting of 150 migrants (including six minors and one migrant requiring medical assistance) was organized by IOM Djibouti from Hodeidah port in Yemen to Obock; and on 30 July, another group of 150 migrants were evacuated from Yemen.

On 22 July, a group of 181 migrants were transferred to the Galafi border post where IOM Ethiopia will assist them to reach their final destinations and provide medical assistance to those in need.