Djibouti Food Security Outlook January 2014 to June 2014

from Famine Early Warning System Network
Published on 31 Jan 2014 View Original

Key Messages

Compared to recent years, food security has improved in most rural areas. This is primarily due to mostly normal, seasonal rainfall in 2013 and thus far in 2014, which has supported improved livestock body conditions and water access in most areas.

Limited, but continued improvements in food security are likely for practically all rural, pastoral areas between now and June. Greater availability of pasture and water will continue to lead to better livestock body conditions and improved livestock to grain terms of trade during the expected, mostly normal March to May Diraac/Sugum rainy season. Most rural populations are expected to remain Stressed (IPC Phase 2) through at least June 2014.

In the Southeast, pastoralists are Stressed (IPC Phase 2), and they are likely to remain Stressed (IPC Phase 2) through June even with mostly normal performance of the October to February Xays/Dadaa rains. Recurrent drought in recent years has significantly reduced livestock ownership, and households continue to draw down their assets to purchase food and other essential items.