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Djibouti - Flow Monitoring Dashboard – reporting period : 1 - 31 July 2020

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During the month of July 2020, 3,906 movements were observed at flow monitoring points in Djibouti representing a daily average of 135 movements. This is an increase of 17% in comparison of the 115 daily average movements observed in June.

The main intended final destinations were Djibouti (65%), though most of these are likely intending to travel onwards towards the Arab Peninsula, Ethiopia (31%) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (3%).

The majority of the observed population were male (80% adults and 3% children), while 17% of identified persons were female (16% adults and 1% children). The identified persons were mainly travelling for economic reasons (57%) and food insecurity reasons (18%).

Since the announcement of the official reopening of Djibouti borders, the number of migrants from Ethiopia has increased sharply, from 15 movements observed in June to 504 in July 2020. During the reporting period, 257 migrants departing from Obock were recorded at the Al-Aarah flow monitoring point in the Lahj governorate in Yemen.

During the same period, 858 migrants returning from Yemen were recorded in Obock.

Since April 2020, enumerators have been conducting awareness raising sessions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic for all population at FMPs.

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