DR Congo

WFP D.R. Congo External Situation Report #32 – 10 January 2022



  • WFP reached 5.9 million people with food assistance in 2021. WFP assisted 4.4 million people with in-kind food, 1.5 million beneficiaries with cash-based transfers and 1.7 million with nutrition assistance to cure or treat malnutrition.
  • UNHAS 2022 funding shortfalls: The Steering Committee met on 29 December to agree on reducing UNHAS coverage due to a lack of resources. Lubumbashi, Kisangani, Kindu, Baraka and Uvira have been removed from the flight schedule. Despite these cuts, UNHAS has a shortfall of USD 12.2 million remains for 2022.

In Numbers

27m highly food-insecure people

26 provinces affected

5.6m people displaced

5.9m beneficiaries reached from January to December 2021