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WFP Democratic Republic of Congo Country Brief, January 2021

Situation Report
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In Numbers

6,587 mt food assistance distributed

US$ 6.6 m cash based transfers made

US$ 208.1 m six months (February-July 2021) net funding requirements

1.4 m people assisted in December 2020

Operational Updates

• WFP and its partners scaled up its operations in 2020 to meet increasing needs, augmenting the number of people targeted with food and nutrition assistance across the country. In 2020, WFP assisted some 6.9 million people, including 1.4 million in December only.

• Kinshasa: As part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, WFP, in partnership with UNICEF, developed a social protection project in N’sele commune in Kinshasa. The project addresses the socio-economic impact of the pandemic in one of the poorest communities in the capital as well as supports the development of a national shockresponsive social protection platform. The first cash transfer is planned to be rolled out at the end of February 2021.

• Ituri: In-kind distributions in December 2020 reached almost 110,000 beneficiaries. Cash-based assistance was provided to some 157,900 beneficiaries, including South Sudanese refugees in Biringi and Meri camps. A targeting data collection exercise in Bringi camp will be conducted in collaboration with UNHCR starting mid-February.

• Kasai and Kasai Central: WFP’s two offices in Thsikapa and Kananga provided double in-kind assistance covering the months of November and December 2020 to over 86,700 beneficiaries. Similarly, more than 157,000 people received assistance through cash-based transfers in December 2020. In 2021, it is foreseen that the design and launch of resilience activities in the Kasai region will take place.

• North Kivu: In December 2020, WFP’s Goma office assisted almost 82,600 internally displaced people and vulnerable host families with in-kind distributions, while 10,500 beneficiaries received cash-based transfers. WFP activities are often negatively impacted by the challenging security situation in some territories, including Beni, due to the continuous armed clashes between non-state groups and the Congolese army.

• South Kivu: In December 2020, through a complex air operation, WFP delivered High-Energy Biscuits to 42,155 displaced persons affected by an ongoing inter-ethnic conflict in the Hauts Plateux area. In a longer-term perspective, WFP is working on the rehabilitation of the road that connects the Hauts Plateau to Fizi to enable the transport of food by road. Cash assistance was provided to 38,400 Burundian refugees in Lusenda and Mulongwe camps in December 2020.

• Tanganyika: In-kind double distributions reached almost 101,000 people in December 2020, while cash assistance was provided to more than 86,000 people. The distribution of specialized nutritious food for the prevention of acute malnutrition and treatment of moderate acute malnutrition reached 72,600 people. In 2021, WFP will further promote and scale up nutrition-sensitive interventions in the province.