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West and Central Africa: Flooding Situation (As of 29 July 2021)



Since the beginning of the year, flooding has affected 375,406 people in West and Central Africa and particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gambia, Chad, Togo, the Republic of Congo, Ghana, and Senegal. In those six countries, 59,367 people were displaced due to heavy rainfalls, floods, and windstorms, 49 people died, 291 were injured and 62,978 houses totally collapsed. A total of 6,286 hectares of crops were damaged as well.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, more than 285,060 were affected by extensive floods, displacing 44,000 people, while killing 20 people, and destroying 44,096 houses.

In Gambia, the situation was aggravated with strong windstorms causing a lot of material damage and affecting 50,101 people. 11 people lost their lives as well due to the strong windstorms.

In Chad, 20,801 people were affected by rains and floods, five people died and 231 were injured. 4,512 houses totally collapsed and 12 were severely damaged.

Ghana was less impacted by floods and rains with 200 people affected, four children died, and six people were injured.

Senegal population was the least affected by floods and rains in the region, with one person dying and two seriously injured during the first rains that fell in early June in the east of the country


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