DR Congo

Viral haemorrhagic fever/Marburg in Democratic Republic of Congo - Update 12

Disease Outbreaks Reported
Final confirmation of Marburg infection has been received from the National Institute for Virology, (NIV), South Africa, in 4 of the 6 patients on whom we reported on 21 March (see Update 11). Samples from 3 patients had been confirmed positive by virological tests at that time; positive results are now confirmed on 1 additional sample. The remaining 2 samples were negative after extensive tests.

These confirmations yield a revised total of 16 cases since November 1999. Twelve have had the diagnosis confirmed by virological tests and 4 are classified as suspect cases as no clinical samples were available.

Disease activity is still continuing in the area, and further notifications are being received. Clinical samples are en route to NIV for investigation. Enhanced prevention and control measures are being implemented by Ministry of Health, Democratic Republic of Congo, WHO and Médecins sans Frontières (Holland).

=A9 WHO/OMS, 1998