DR Congo

UNICEF DRC Ebola Situation Report No.4, 25-31 October 2021

Situation Report
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  • 292 of the 295 Community Action Cells (CAC) members visited 36,107 households, reaching 119,071 people (45,104 women and 24,352 children) in Beni Health Zone

  • The Code of Conduct, including PSEA, has been signed by the Psychosocial,
    Vaccination commissions as well as the MoH coordination

  • Household and healthcare facilities surrounding new confirmed cases were decontaminated and mattresses have been replaced

Situation Overview

  • As of the 31 October 2021, eight cases (5 female and 3 male) have been confirmed, the last case reported on 30 October 2021. Three Health Areas Butsili, Ngilinga and Bundji have now reported cases, all of which within the Beni Health Zone.

  • 6 people have died, 1 has tested negative and 1 currently still under treatment at the temporary Ebola Treatment Center in the General Reference Hospital in Beni

  • As of 31 October 2021, children under 5 represent 50% of all cases (3 female and 1 male), however only 10% of contacts listed. Children under 5 are listed from 8 of the 19 Health Areas of Beni Health Zone

  • Preliminary sequencing conducted indicates that this outbreak is likely linked to the 2018-2020 Nord Kivu/Ituri 10th Ebola outbreak and was initiated by transmission from a persistently infected survivor or a survivor who experienced relapse

  • As of 31 October, 552 active contacts are being followed from residing in 14 of the 19 Health Areas of Beni Health Zone. Of these contacts, 63.8% have been vaccinated either in previous or the current outbreak.