DR Congo

UNICEF DRC Ebola Situation Report No. 8: 29 November - 16 December 2021

Situation Report
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  • On 16 December 2021, the end of the 13th Ebola outbreak was declared by the Minister of Public Health, 46 days after the last confirmed case was discharged from Beni’s Ebola Treatment Center.

  • 100% of the Community Action Cells (CACs) in the Beni health zone were operational, reaching 191,061 households and raising 3,964 community alerts.

  • Community feedback was jointly collected and analyzed to improve engagement strategies in all commissions. A total of 1,786 feedbacks were collected and 12 recommendations implemented.

  • The excavation of latrine pits (16 doors) was launched in four priority health facilities • A fire totally burnt down the crèche in Beni on the evening of 10 December. No human damage but most of the equipment and supplies stored have been destroyed; investigations are still underway to determine the origin of the fire.