DR Congo

UNICEF DRC Ebola Situation Report No. 6: 8-14 November 2021

Situation Report
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  • Zero (0) new Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) cases since 30 October 2021

  • 16 days since the last case and 13 days since the last patient has recovered

  • 100% of the Community Action Cells (CAC) in the Beni Health Zone have been operational reaching 36,705 households and raising 783 community alerts

  • 100% of the 83 priority healthcare facilities in Beni Health Zone have received materials for Infection Prevention Control (IPC)

  • Integrated survey with healthcare workers and facilities by the Analytics Cell is supporting IPC-WASH commission to adapt support to healthcare workers and facilities based on evidence

Situation Overview

  • As of the 31 October 2021, eight cases (5 female and 3 male) have been confirmed, the last case reported on 30 October 2021. Three deaths from September 2021 have been validated as probable cases (3 deaths including 2 female children under 5 years old and 1 adult)

  • Three Health Areas Butsili, Ngilinga and Bundji have now reported cases, all of which within the Beni Health Zone.

  • 9 people have died (3 probable, 6 confirmed) and 2 adults have been successfully treated and left the Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC) on 5 November 2021.

  • As of 31 October 2021, children under 5 represent 55% of all cases (5 female and 1 male).

  • Since the beginning of vaccination activities, 608 people have been vaccinated, including 98 high-risk contacts and 274 contacts of contacts. Of the 608 people vaccinated, 71 are first-line responders

  • 117 contacts have completed their surveillance period. There remain 227 contacts in week 3 of surveillance (90.5% continue to be visited daily)