DR Congo

UNICEF DRC Ebola Situation Report #6 for 26 May - 01 June 2022



• 14,168 kg of WASH-IPC materials have arrived, including buckets, soap, and hygiene materials.

• 100 per cent of the 358 healthcare workers have been trained on setting up triage, isolation and different chlorine solution preparation for safe and appropriate disinfection and decontamination

• 71,573 people including 41,514 women received life-saving information on both EVD and the six essential family practices.

• 72 family members (33 men and 29 women) of the five confirmed cases received psychological support at home; this included specific care and support to the eight orphans.

• June 1 is 13 days since the last recorded case of EVD.

Situation Overview

• Since 27 May 2022, there has been a general strike of response workers, which has impeded the collection of data. Although some response activities are ongoing (e.g., psychosocial support, running of the Ebola Treatment Centre ETC and some contact tracing), data is not being shared with both the zone and coordination levels. Alerts are not being reported (this does not imply they are not being raised or investigated, but only that the information is not being shared).

• As of 31 May 2022, 1,513 persons have been vaccinated, this includes 263 contacts (representing 33.1 per cent of contacts) and 760 healthcare workers

• As of the last date reported (27 May 2022) a total of 638 contacts had been listed, including 10 never seen contacts and one displaced (mother of 12-year-old male). On 26 May, 67 contacts completed their 21 days of follow-up.