DR Congo

UNHCR Weekly Emergency Update - Ituri and North Kivu Provinces, Democratic Republic of the Congo (27 January - 3 February 2020)

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Operational context and protection situation

Ituri Province

In the territories of Djugu, Mahagi and Irumu, armed groups continued incursions against the local population. Ongoing military operations against armed groups have significantly restricted humanitarian access to people in need in the south of Irumu Territory. Crime-related incidents, such as kidnappings, ambushes and looting, continue to pose security problems along the highway in the three territories.

Background: Since 6 June 2019, generalized violence led to massive new displacements in Ituri Province. 230,357 persons fled their homes between June and November 2019; bringing the total to 1.1 million IDPs in the Province, according to the Commission de Mouvement de Population (CMP), a commission made up of Government and humanitarian agencies. The majority reside in host communities (80%), while 220,000 have fled towards 87 IDPs sites. 87,577 IDPs live in 12 displacement sites coordinated by UNHCR, 53,552 IDPs reside in 39 sites coordinated by IOM, and the remaining are staying in spontaneous sites.

North Kivu Province

Congolese troops continued their military operation against the ADF armed group in Beni Territory, who have responded by a series of killings of residents in and around the major agglomerations of Beni, Oicha and Eringeti. Several attacks took place on the road connecting Beni, Mangina and Biakato, and the incursions are seemingly intensifying in areas closest to the city. 36 people were reported to have been killed, while hundreds have died due to violence since November 2019. The main attack took place on 28 January in Manzingi, a village 20 kilometers from Oicha. Consequently, population movements intensified, notably towards Oicha, Beni town and Nobili. In Rutshuru Territory, 15 students were kidnapped by members of an armed group and in Masisi Territory, several killings and kidnappings took place.

Background: Over 1.6 million IDPs are located in North Kivu Province as January 2020 according to the Commission de Mouvement de Population, a commission made up of Government and humanitarian agencies. As reported by OCHA, an estimated 436,000 persons fled their homes between September 2019 and January 2020. The vast majority of IDPs in North Kivu (94%) live with host communities, while some 67,903 reside in 13 IDP sites coordinated by UNHCR and 22,500 displaced persons reside in 9 sites coordinated by IOM