DR Congo

UNHCR Emergency Update on Volcano Nyiragongo #7 I 21 September – 5 November 2021



▪ 6,822 victims of the Nyiragongo eruption have been offered temporary shelter in Kanyaruchinya and Kibati sites in Nyiragongo with the support of local authorities.

▪ Over 5,612 survivors of the Nyiragongo eruption are still displaced in Rutshuru and Masisi Territories, according to UNHCR’s partner INTERSOS.

▪ 507 protection incidents were recorded in Rutshuru and Masisi territories by UNHCR, through its partner INTERSOS.

Situation Overview

■ The eruption of the Mount Nyiragongo volcano on 22 May 2021 forced more than 364,000 people to flee their homes in Goma and surrounding areas according to OCHA’s estimates. The majority of the people have since returned, but an estimated 5,612 people (1,900 households) remain displaced in Masisi and Rutshuru territories according UNHCR’s protection monitoring partner INTERSOS.

■ According joint assessments, led by the local authorities, over 28,500 persons or 4,173 families have been affected by the volcano. Out of this, nearly 20,000 persons (2,901 families) have lost their homes, while almost 900 individuals (130 families) have lost their land and 7,800 persons (1,142 families) have lost the houses that they were renting. Out of this, 2,892 persons with specific needs have been identified, including persons living with a handicap, pregnant women and elderly persons.