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UNHCR DR Congo Factsheet - April 2014

Situation Report
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UNHCR operational highlights

• A tripartite meeting was concluded between DRC-Uganda-UNHCR on April 28, where they decided to conduct a return intention survey, which is aimed to be finalized by the end of July 2014 amongst DRC refugees living in refugee settlements. They also agreed to provide shuttle services to transport DRC refugees willing to repatriate spontaneously; to provide assistance to spontaneous returnees in return communities; to organize ‘‘go and see’’ and ‘‘come and tell’’ visits for refugees, conduct sensitization amongst the repatriating DRC refugees; and to fast track the implementation of organized voluntary repatriation by September 2014.

• UNHCR has commenced the repatriation of DRC refugees living in Batalimo camp, in Central African Republic. Some 6,700 Congolese refugees are expected to return home, of which around 80% is from Libenge. These refugees voiced their desire to return home since December 2012.

• UNHCR has begun the verification exercise of former Angolan refugees in Bas-Congo, Katanga and Kinshasa. The aim of this exercise is to update and verify figures of those who want to integrate locally in DRC and of those who would prefer to return to Angola.

• Under the coordination of Goma office, UNHCR offices in the East (Bukavu, Bunia, Kalemie and Uvira) met for reviewing and revising our work on monitoring. At the end of this process, formats for weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual monitoring have been adopted. Information in this monitoring will be available for UNHCR and partners.