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UNHCR Angola: Repatriation Update #3

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Repatriation of Congolese refugees from Angola to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

• The second convoy of the organized voluntary repatriation departed from Lóvua settlement on 30 October at 10:30am, in the direction of Nachiri, Kasai Province, DRC.

• The convoy consisted of nine trucks. Five for passengers and four for luggage. Of the nine trucks, two luggage trucks arrived after the convoy had departed from the settlement, but they joined the convoy later.

• 300 refugees were part of this convoy including 181 children.

• The refugees were transported by UNHCR with the assistance of all partners from Lóvua settlement. The convoy went via the Nachiri border to Kandjadji, where refugees spent one night before going to Mungamba, the transit center in DRC.

• UNHCR partners provided the following assistance to refugees.

  • The International Organization for Migration (IOM) tagged the luggage of the refugees and accompanied the convoy to Mungamba, the transit center in DRC.

  • Medicos del Mundo (MDM) provided medical and MHPSS assistance. Their ambulance also accompanied the convoy to the border.

  • Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) provided dinner the night before the repatriation, breakfast on the day of repatriation as well as snacks and water for the journey;

  • Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) provided WASH and shelter assistance;

• Government of Angola (GoA) officials were present at Lóvua settlement and, together with UNHCR registration and IOM, checked the Voluntary Repatriation Forms (VRF) as well as final boarding of all passengers on the trucks.

• Despite the worsening of road conditions to the border and heavy rain during the journey, the convoy crossed the border into DRC at 17:17 and the refugees spent the night in Kandjadji.

• As for a timeframe for the organized voluntary repatriation, UNHCR intends to conclude it by the end of November.

• So far, 844 people have been repatriated to DRC.