DR Congo

Tshopo: Religious leaders and care providers from Yangambi and Banalia mobilized in turn against pediatric HIV / AIDS

Kisangani, 07 November 2018 (caritasdev.cd): After Kisangani, the religious leaders of Yangambi and Banalia, in Tshopo Province, have just been mobilized in the early diagnosis and treatment of children living with HIV / AIDS. It was during capacity building workshops organized from 20 to 29 October 2018 by Caritas Congo Asbl, in collaboration with Caritas Development Kisangani

"The mission to support the capacity-building workshops for religious leaders for their contribution to the diagnosis and early treatment of children living with HIV / AIDS took place in good conditions in the two pastoral areas of Yangambi and Banalia. . The provincial trainers demonstrated a proven professionalism and the participation of the trained people was important and interested, "said caritasdev.cd Dr. Jean Munongo, National Coordinator of Health Promotion Service of Caritas Congo Asbl, returned from Kisangani , where he was accompanied by the Accountant Solange Ngombe

The participation was very satisfying, welcomed Dr. Munongo. "Of the 62 people expected, 58 (43 religious leaders and 15 care providers) responded and were trained, representing a completion rate of 93.5%. A list of catalytic activities has been selected for each of the pastoral areas and the focal points responsible for the implementation of these have been empowered. A mid-term evaluation is scheduled for the month of January to assess the progress of the activities and highlight possible bottlenecks and find possible solutions, "he noted.

This mission was carried out with funding from UNAIDS, through Caritas Internationalis, as part of the implementation of the activities of the "Project of strengthening the commitment of the Faith-based Organizations in accelerating the early diagnosis and treatment of children living with HIV. Catalyze the response of faith-based organizations in the Democratic Republic of Congo to HIV / AIDS ".

Recommendations to Stakeholders

At the current stage, it is recommended that Caritas-Développement Kisangani ensure the support of the Focal Points in the implementation of catalytic activities, with a monthly report.

Caritas Congo Asbl is called upon to advocate to mobilize additional funds to enable planning of joint quarterly supervision (PNLS / PNMLS and Caritas Congo Asbl) of the activities of the project. It is also recommended that the costs of monitoring the activities of the 14 Focal Points, the reporting and archiving tools in the 4 pastoral areas in sufficient quantities, be made available on time; to add in the pastoral areas the amount of leaflets for messages to be made available in chapels, youth groups and movements, CEVs as well as households and to create a group on the WhatsApp network to facilitate regular communication and reporting activities.

As major challenges, more households need to be reached to strengthen early detection and treatment of HIV among children under 5 years of age and extend this pilot experience to all other religious denominations and others. dioceses within the archdiocese of Kisangani.

But this, taking into account some difficulties, including insufficient funds to cover monitoring and joint supervision activities with the PNLS and PNMLS.

Mlle Christelle Tshimbela (intern) & GM Kamandji