Three families from Congo crossed the border fearing that a new war may break out in the East of Congo

from Ligue Burundaise des Droits de l'Homme
Published on 05 Dec 2007
The commune of Rugombo, in the province of Cibitoke, received 3 families composed of 14 persons from DRC. They have arrived on Wednesday the 28th October 07 from Kamanyola, a locality located in the south Kivu at the East of Congo. Those refugees stated having fled fighting that may break out between the FDLR, the democratic Front for the liberation of Rwanda and the Rwandese National Army, have they said. According to the some source, elements of the some movement are about to attack Rwanda and are in the localities of Baraka, Sange and Rubanga, localities bordering with Rwanda and Burundi. The some source said that Rwanda asks unconditional disarmament of these negatives forces before repatriation, what the FDLR refuses. Rwanda has closed the frontiers since 30th October fearing infiltrations. There may be clandestine infiltrations through the bordering communes of Buganda and Rugombo in Burundi and then cross the Rwanda border through the Nyungwe forest from Bukinanyana commune, in cibitoke Province.