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South Kivu: MONUSCO builds premises for National Police in Ruzizi Plain

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Uvira, 17 April 2015 - The United Nations Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO) on Friday 17 April 2015 launched two projects for the construction of premises for the Congolese National Police (PNC) headquarters in the Ruzizi Plain.

Worth a total of 97,356 US dollars, the two quick impact projects, one located in Luvungi (49,917 dollars) and the other in Sange (49,917 dollars), were undertaken as part of the UN Mission’s support for the restoration of State authority in this part of South Kivu province.

The construction work, of which the execution was contracted to Caritas-Developpement/Uvira Diocese, will take 3 months to complete.

The project In the locality of Luvungi, situated about 60 km from Uvira, aims at erecting a building, with 50 square meters, containing four offices, two hearing rooms, three separate holding cells for men, women and children, and four latrines for the use of PNC personnel and other users.

The Ruzizi district police headquarters, which was established in July 2013, has so far operated in privately rented premises for a monthly rent of 100 dollars, says one of the local police officers. He explains that this monthly rent has so far been paid “thanks to the generosity of the Chief of the Itara/Luvungi village grouping, donations from civilians, and recovery of fines,...” Hence, the joyful future beneficiaries of the project expressed their gratitude to MONUSCO for undertaking this project« which will provide us with premises of our own and allow us to do our work better… »

Likewise, the project in the locality of Sange, located some 30 km north of the city of Uvira, gave rise to similar expressions of joy and gratefulness on the part of the beneficiary PNC personnel. Here, the project involves the construction of a building containing two offices, two hearing rooms, two separate holding cells for men and women, and four latrines for the use of PNC personnel and other users.

These two projects are part of activities being conducting by MONUSCO in the context of restoring State authority across the “island of Stability of Sange.” Both projects aim for the same objectives :

· To boost the performance of the personnel of PNC units in the Ruzizi Plain so as to improve service delivery and thus restore confidence between the police and the population ;

· To provide the PNC in Luvungi and Sange with infrastructure that is viable and up to the requisite standards ;

· To contribute to improving the working conditions of PNC personnel in Luvungi and Sange;

· and finally, to improve detention conditions if individuals in police custody.

The senior deputy commissioner and Commander of the Territorial Police Station of the Ruzizi Plain, Major Justin Epembo Yassya, on behalf of the Congolese National Police, thanked MONUSCO for undertaking this initiative which, he said, will enable him and his men to better do their job. And that is to say provide security for people and their property in this volatile and turbulent Ruzizi Plain which is still plagued by the negative activities of militia and armed groups.

In addition, according to the director of Caritas-Uvira, the project executing agent, these projects will benefit not only the National Police but also the local economy population though employment opportunities created for the local labor and the funding provided to the local brick market serving Caritas.

Jean-Tobie Okala/MONUSCO