SG to Send Special Envoy to Great Lakes Region

from UN Secretary-General
Published on 30 Oct 1996
SG/SM/6101 30 October 1996

The following was issued today by the Spokesman for Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali:

The Secretary-General has informed the Security Council that he has decided to appoint a Special Envoy who will travel to the Great Lakes region in the first days of November and remain there for about one month.

The Government of Canada has offered to make available the services of its Ambassador to the United States, Raymond
Chretien, and has also agreed to provide an aircraft to facilitate Mr. Chretien's travel in the region. The United Nations will
provide the staff and other resources required.

The Special Envoy's tasks will be: (1) to consult with all concerned in order to establish the facts relating to the present conflicts and develop urgent plans for defusing the tension and establishing a cease-fire and a process of negotiations; (2) to explore the possibilities for the early convening of a regional conference; and (3) to present the Secretary-General with advice on the mandate to be given to the Special Representative for the Secretary-General, and on the size and structure of the United Nations political presence which, in consultation with the Governments concerned, will be established in the Great Lakes region.

(For Ambassador Chretien's curriculum vitae, see Press Release SG/A/624-BIO/3048 of 30 October.)