DR Congo

Security Council briefed on deteriorating security situation in Democratic Republic of the Congo

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The Security Council was today briefed on the deteriorating military and security situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo," the spokesman for the Secretary-General told journalists at UN Headquarters.
Reports reaching the UN from South Kivu province suggested that "the slightest incident" could trigger large-scale organized attacks against civilians, especially ethnic Tutsis, Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Hédi Annabi told the Council. He said there was also equal concern that, given the threat to the Congolese Tutsi community, they themselves could trigger an anti-Tutsi offensive through violent actions against their neighbours.

Mr. Annabi urged the Council to call on the parties to the Lusaka agreement to refrain from initiating offensives, and to do everything possible to prevent outbreaks of violence, especially in South Kivu.

He also said the parties should refrain from hostile propaganda and bellicose statements, and allow access by humanitarian agencies.