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Reporting sexual violence by state bodies or conflict actors and affecting IDPs and refugees - August 2020

Situation Report
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Democratic Republic of the Congo

16 August 2020: In Mwaba village, Uvira territory, South Kivu province, FNL Nzabampema armed men raped a 16-year-old girl. Source: ACLED1

24 August 2020: In Mongbwalu town, Djugu territory, Ituri province, unidentified men armed with firearms and machetes raped three girls, aged 13, 15 and 20, all from the same family, before looting goods from their home. Source: ACLED1

30 August 2020: In Rungu locality and territory, Haut-Uélé province, a group of armed men broke into a building where 30 students were undertaking final primary school tests and raped at least one girl during an attack on Isiro town. Students were robbed of phones and other goods. Source: Macau Business News

31 August 2020: In the villages of Bilalombili and Ngezi, Mwenga territory, South Kivu province, a girl was raped during an attack by Ngumino, Twiganeho, and Makanika fighters on FARDC positions in the area. Source: Kivu Security Tracker


14 August 2020: In Docoumbo village, Bandiagara, Mopti region, Dana Ambassagou militiamen abducted two wives of Dana Ambassagou members, stripped them naked and beat them for hours on request by their husbands for personal reasons. Source: ACLED1


15 or 16 August 2020: In Cabo Delgado province, a woman was raped by seven soldiers while on her way from Macomia town to her home in Machova. Source: Cabo Ligado Weekly

15 or 16 August 2020: In Cabo Delgado province, a woman was raped by security forces in a bar in the Macomia neighbourhood. Source: Cabo Ligado Weekly

South Sudan

Around 8 August 2020: In Romich town, Warrap state, soldiers sexually assaulted several women during clashes with armed youth. One woman was gang-raped by 10 soldiers. Source: ACLED1 04 August 2020: In the Mundri area, Western Equatoria state, eight armed men - four in military uniform - looted a house and raped two female teenagers at gunpoint. Three phones, solar panels and money were looted. Six men have been arrested. Source: Juba Monitor


19 August 2020: In the Khartoum Jadeed area, North Darfur state, four armed pastoralists severely beat and attempted to rape a female farmer. Source: Market Watch