Nord-Ubangi: 3.500 CAR refugee households and host families received farming and fishing kits for their empowerment

from Caritas
Published on 16 Apr 2018

Gbadolite, April 16, 2018 ( : Thanks to funding from the German Government (AA) and Caritas Germany / DCV, along with Caritas Congo Asbl and Caritas‐ Development Molegbe, the distribution of farming and fishing kits had started since Thursday, April 12, 2018 to 3,500 households of Central African refugees and host families. This activity, which must continue on the next Monday for other remaining sites out of the eight targeted, is part of a multi‐sector food security support project in the territories of Mobayi‐ Mbongo and Yakoma, Diocese of MOLEGBE, in Nord‐Ubangi Province.

This project aims to combat food insecurity in refugee‐hosting areas and promote peaceful cohabitation between refugees and host communities. Specifically, it is a question of supporting 3,500 households of Central African refugees and their families in food and fishing activities. The beneficiaries are 1,750 Central African refugees and host families for agriculture and 1,750 for fishery.

Farming input and fishing kits distribution activities had begun on Thursday 12 April 2018 by the GBAU and HOTO‐ MBANZA Groupings, at about 42 KM from GBADOLITE, in the village of MOGORO.

They were launched by the Father Egide de la croix MBIMBA MOKUMBU, Coordinator of Caritas‐ Développement Molegbe, on behalf of Bishop Dominique Bulamatari, Bishop of Molegbe, Executive Secretary of Caritas Congo Asbl and Caritas Germany. In his words of circumstance, Father Egide de la croix MBIMBA urged the beneficiaries to use the inputs and take advantage of the seeds given to them for their empowerment. He forbade them to sell them.

It was in a very relaxed and peaceful atmosphere that this distribution ceremony took place in the presence of the Heads of the GBAU and HOTO MBANZA Groupings, the Head of the GBAU District, the Representative of the Directorate General of Migration (DGM), the Commander of the Sub‐Commission of the FARDC (National Army), other representatives of Central African refugees, as well as the Deputy National Coordinator of the said project within Caritas Congo Asbl, Mr Vincent Pili‐Pili who said that the distribution schedule indicating that it will continue on Monday at the Nkambo site. Tomorrow, it will continue on the three sites of Gbogbo, Yomba and Limasa (furthest about 200 km from Gbadolite in the Territory of Yakoma) .Mr. Pili‐Pili welcomed the smooth progress of this operation in the four first sites of Mogoro, Lembo, Nzakara and Gbiaka.

The activity which started at 10:00 am ended at 17:30pm, in the great satisfaction of the beneficiaries.
As for the composition of the kits, the fishing kit consists of: 2 nylon reels, a box of hooks, four nets, a long machete, a file and 5 pieces of rope. As for agriculture, there are 11.5 kg of peanut seeds, 12 kg of corn, 12 kg of cowpea seed, two long machetes, two hoes, a rake, a spade and a watering can. They also received 0.16 kg of okra seed, 0.16 kg of amaranths and 0.16 kg of nightshade (Bilolo).
As a reminder, the Province of Nord‐Ubangi has received two successive waves of Central African refugees, estimated at tens of thousands of people, the first in 2013 and the second in April 2017. "Thanks to Caritas Congo Asbl and Caritas Germany (DCV), we are on the side of these refugees. We try to help them as much as possible. We have already received three projects on their behalf from DCV in all four refugee camps. We brought them clothes and plates, and for the moment we have moved on to help that could make them self‐sufficient: a project to plant and produce for themselves what they need to feed themselves, "said Mgr Dominique Bulamatari November 2017.