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A new framework for dialogue between MONUSCO and political parties in South Kivu

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Bukavu, 3 May 2011 – The Office of the UN Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO) in South Kivu launched, on 3 May, a new framework for dialogue and exchange with political parties in light of this year’s electoral process as well as the political and security situation in the province.

The first meeting, which took place at MONUSCO’s headquarters in the provincial capital of Bukavu, attracted several delegates from the different political parties represented in the province.

Mr. Aliou Sene, Head of MONUSCO’s regional office, said such a forum was needed to promote free discussions and exchanges that would ultimately create an environment conducive to peaceful elections. It was expected, however, that this new framework would be concerned not only with elections but also would help restore dialogue between parties, thereby contributing to easing the climate of tension at the political level.

The delegates of the different political parties welcomed the reinstatement of this idea, which once existed before being abandoned. They said they hoped this new forum will fulfill its role, and with the help of MONUSCO, become sustainable.

Biliaminou Alao / MONUSCO